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Movie Review: Rabid (2019)

With their new film, Rabid, the Soska Sisters take on Cronenberg, Haute Couture, and “Schadenfreude Culture”

Schadenfreude (ˈshä-dᵊn-ˌfrȯi-də) noun: enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others.

It might be said that in the horror film industry, nothing puts you at risk of being the object of Schadenfreude more than doing a remake of a classic horror film.

An endless cycle of uninspired remakes has made ridiculing them into something of a glib parlor game. They are gleefully derided as either soulless money grabs or blasphemous and unfaithful train wrecks.

A tale of two Rabids: (L) Poster from Cronenberg’s original 1977 film (R) Teaser promo trailed for the Soska Sisters’ 2019 remake.
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Episode 086- Horror Pride

Horror is an emotion first and a setting later. It’s the only genre that is directly named after an emotion, and that gives horror a universal appeal. It also makes each person’s experience and interpretation personal.

We close out June, Pride Month, with a celebration of the contributions the LGBTQ community has brought to the horror genre since the creation of the Gothic novel. Continue reading “Episode 086- Horror Pride”