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‘Color’ Me Impressed

In a triumphant return to cinema, director Richard Stanley mixes Cosmic and Folk horror to deliver his magnificent mutant of H.P. Lovecraft’s Color Out of Space

Each color lives by its mysterious life.”    Wassily Kandinsky

All colours will agree in the dark. ”    Francis Bacon

In the weird fiction of H.P. Lovecraft, “cosmic horror” doesn’t originate from diabolical evil or from divine judgment. It derives from the cold realization that there is only you and the void of the Universe. The Universe is neither good nor evil, it just simply is.

And it doesn’t even know you exist.

The existential terror at the center of the best Lovecraft stories is the discovery that we are powerless against the infinite and unknowable Universe and that we are at the mercy of indifferent cosmic fate. Like being caught in a natural disaster, all we can do is hold on tight and pray we live to tell the tale.

The terrestrial and the extraterrestrial are two sides of the same cosmic coin in director Richard Stanley’s Color Out of Space (2019), a masterful adaptation of one of H.P. Lovecraft’s most revered short stories, The Colour Out of Space.

The end result is a visually arresting, frequently creepy, and emotionally unsettling meditation on entropy that suggests that the end of life may be horrible, but it can also be strangely beautiful. Color Out of Space is that rare horror film that leaves you exhilarated and buzzing afterward because the story is told with the utmost integrity. As bleak as it may seem, I believe Richard Stanley has given us his version of a happy ending.

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