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Etheria Film Night was a Sweet Success!

It’s been a busy and exciting time for H4H!

I just got back from Hollywood after judging the Etheria Film Night film festival on June 3rd.
It was a fantastic experience, and I got to interview a few artists, including a brief conversation with living legend Roger Corman!
An episode with all of my interviews with artists, directors and actors, like Bill Moseley, will be coming soon!

Episode 040- The Horrible-Beautiful World According to Heidi Honeycutt

For some of us, just being a passive viewer isn’t enough.

Some of us are compelled to create and share the love for other artists.

Writer, filmmaker, journalist, and actress Heidi Honeycutt comes to Hellbent For Horror to talk about the Etheria Film Night (, what it’s like to act in Troma horror movies, the state of film journalism, and all things in horror fandom. Continue reading “Episode 040- The Horrible-Beautiful World According to Heidi Honeycutt”

New Episode of H4H available now! Horror Remakes- a recurring nightmare!

Hi, folks!

I was at the Cinema Wasteland Convention in Strongsville, Ohio a few weekends ago. When I was there, I got the idea for this episode from one of the all-night horror movie debates. The question started a long discussion about movie remakes, and everybody attacked or defended them. When the conversation reached the 30 minute time frame, I knew there was enough passion for an episode.

I hope you enjoy the show!


Hellbent for Horror teams up with Wrong Reel for a “Creature Double Feature”podcast!


Hi folks, thanks for continuing to listen to the H4H podcast!

I’m always looking for ways to broaden the scope of the show and be experimental, just like the artists I talk about in my stories.

Recently, I got to team up with James Hancock, the host of the excellent Wrong Reel Podcast to try out an original concept. Continue reading “Hellbent for Horror teams up with Wrong Reel for a “Creature Double Feature”podcast!”

H4H joins the Wrong Reel Podcast to Create a “Creature Double Feature” Discussion on James Whale


This is Part One of a “Horror Double Feature” I did with James Cole Braxton Hancock on the great Wrong Reel Podcast, we discuss the masterworks of James Whale. Stay tuned to H4H for the second part of our “Creature Double Feature”, where we take on Tod Browning. Coming soon! Stay on the edge of your seat!

You can listen to PART ONE HERE: