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Screaming…for Rondos?

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My book, Screaming for Pleasure: How Horror Makes You Happy and Healthy, has been getting great reviews, and now it’s been nominated for Book of the Year on the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards!

The Rondo Awards are special because they are fanbased, and have no connection to any commercial sponsor. Anyone in fandom can vote or propose nominees.
However, as the official website states, getting nominated doesn’t mean you’ll make the ballot:
“We will note that the world of horror has exploded in recent years. Time was if something existed, it made the Rondo ballot. Now there is so much talent and excellence, that we need YOU to help us sort through the best of the best, always with ‘classic horror,’ whatever that means to you, in mind”.
This means that the judges need to see real interest in a book from across the community, with several people stepping up to show their excitement about an artwork done in 2018.
If you read the book, and you enjoyed it and feel that it might be worthy of a place on the final ballot, please consider nominating Screaming for Pleasure for Book of the Year!
You can read the rules and suggest your nomination here:


Thanks so much for your time!

The Soska Sisters Aim to Infect the World with their own Virulent Strain of David Cronenberg’s “Rabid”

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When it comes to horror movies, give me a good remake over a good sequel any day.

Horror films are self-contained magic acts, and sequels strip away all the mystery that drew you to the original movie in the first place by inevitably adding backstory and blowing a small magic act out of proportion. A remake, by its nature, has the potential to take a brilliant idea and resurrect it for new audiences to discover.

Notice that I stressed good remakes. When remakes are done for nothing but brand recognition, they are a fresh hell in themselves. But the rare ones that remake a decades-old film that got lost in the shuffle of time, and strives to update the central theme to show the brilliance of the original story, those are wonders to behold that become classics.

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Episode 069- The Old Gods of Springtime Horror

Things might look bright and warm during Springtime, but there’s something sinister underneath the surface. The pastel colors of the flowers camouflage the blood and death in the soil that helped them grow.

When the difference between life and death depended on a bountiful harvest, people made human sacrifices to appease the Old Gods of the earth. Continue reading “Episode 069- The Old Gods of Springtime Horror”