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Episode 002: “If You Aren’t Afraid in The Woods, You Haven’t Gone Deep Enough”

Scary stories from nights long ago.

The ultimate horror is fear of the unknown, and if you’ve ever been lost in the woods you might know this one deeply.

We talk about Folk Horror, a little-known type of horror that stems from old folklore, the land, and the scary monsters that live deep in Nature. Continue reading “Episode 002: “If You Aren’t Afraid in The Woods, You Haven’t Gone Deep Enough””

First Kiss – Episode 001

What’s the “First Kiss?” The First Kiss is the event that hooks you into your passion and obsession.  Budding horror fans are carefully fed safe increments of scares by kiddie movies with frightening edges that end up with happy endings.

But what are the moments we stumble upon that aren’t carefully supervised?

What movies, books, stories are the first reveal of the shock and surge that good horror can produce in its fans? Continue reading “First Kiss – Episode 001”

Welcome to the Shadow Tribe – Episode 000

Welcome to “Episode Triple Zero” for Hellbent For Horror. This is a short welcome message while we complete our full-length Episode One: “First Kiss”. That will be available very soon!

On this podcast we will talk movies, books, music, legends and lore, real-life horror, campfire stories, whatever connects together to tell a story. Continue reading “Welcome to the Shadow Tribe – Episode 000”