Month: July 2017

Episode 048- My Ride’s Here: Remembering George A. Romero

George Romero (1940-2017) has always held a special place in my heart, so it was very saddening to hear of his passing on July 16.

It is hard to say goodbye, and in this episode I talk about George and his career.

It’s a eulogy, of sorts, to a maverick filmmaker out of Pittsburgh who never wavered on his vision – from Night of the Living Dead to Survival of the Dead.  RIP, George. Continue reading “Episode 048- My Ride’s Here: Remembering George A. Romero”

Episode 047- Horror Movies at Used Car Prices

You don’t need Hollywood to make a movie when you can make one in your own backyard! 

Who needs a big budget when you’ve got a big imagination and some friends who are willing (or crazy enough) to get doused in fake blood?

In this episode, I honor the micro-budget horror movie – the movies made for tiny amounts of funds, and huge amounts of passion. Continue reading “Episode 047- Horror Movies at Used Car Prices”

Episode 046- Attack of the Killer Turkeys

Why do we love bad movies? 

Well, not all bad movies, but the ones that make you laugh out loud.  The ones that are so bad that they’re good.  And to see one of these movies with a group of friends can be a perfect night.

What about a movie marathon of these turkeys?  A lot of these turkeys were intended to be horror movies, and while they’re not what they were intended to be, they’re still pretty damn entertaining. Continue reading “Episode 046- Attack of the Killer Turkeys”