Month: February 2017

Episode 033- Killed by Death

Death comes for us all. 

Our love of horror makes us confront death.  Me?  I’m not so much afraid of death as the act of dying.  The fear of the pain that comes with it.

In this episode, I talk about that human fear of death and dying.  I talk about my own experiences with people dying, and our culture’s attitudes about death.

And, of course, a couple of scary movies that help reinforce my attitudes. Continue reading “Episode 033- Killed by Death”

Episode 032- You Will be Assimilated: Science Fiction and Horror

Horror and Science Fiction share space on my book and movie shelves.

When done right they mix together to achieve scary, imaginative results.  Who can deny the power of Alien, The Terminator, or The Thing? 

But there are many, lesser-known films that mix sci-fi and horror.  In this episode I’ll talk about some movies I like that mix the two sensibilities.  What about you? Continue reading “Episode 032- You Will be Assimilated: Science Fiction and Horror”