Hellbent for Horror teams up with Wrong Reel for a “Creature Double Feature”podcast!


Hi folks, thanks for continuing to listen to the H4H podcast!

I’m always looking for ways to broaden the scope of the show and be experimental, just like the artists I talk about in my stories.

Recently, I got to team up with James Hancock, the host of the excellent Wrong Reel Podcast to try out an original concept.

By the way, if you haven’t listened to Wrong Reel, and you’re a serious cinephile, you’re missing out. James has an impressive depth, breadth and scope to his love and knowledge of film, and he has a wide array of guests on his show. Check it out.

James and I were talking about being guests on each others’ shows when we started talking about Universal Horror films of the 1930s, the first Golden Age of Hollywood Horror. We started talking about James Whale and Tod Browning, the directors of Frankenstein and Dracula, respectively.

And an idea was born.

Why not do a “Double Feature” show on the movies of both men, just like how these movies used to show in theaters back in the old days? We’d do the show in two parts, one devoted to James Whale, and the other to Tod Browning, and we’d do “Part One” on Wrong Reel and “Part Two” on H4H.

This is a unique idea to podcasting and, as far as we know, we’re the first to take a show theme and split the episode over two different podcasts.

It’s a chance for us to cross promote our shows, but also allows us to meet new fans. Both James and myself love to start conversations around film, and this feels like a great way to introduce ourselves to movie lovers and start up new discussions!

Both James and myself hope you enjoy the “Creature Double Feature” we’ve put together!

Click here to listen to Part One, on the films of James Whale, on Wrong Reel!

That’s all for now. Until next time,


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