Month: November 2016

Episode 023- What’s Eating You?

In this month of Thanksgiving when, in America, we feast…

I’m thinking about things that feast on us. 

The fear of being eaten is primal, and dates back to our caveman days when we were on the menu for all the big predators.

And it’s been a mainstay of horror for ages.  The Blob, The Fly (both the original and the David Cronenberg remake), and countless other movies and books deal with the primal fear of being eaten by an unknown monster. Continue reading “Episode 023- What’s Eating You?”

Episode 022- Never Underestimate the Power of the Microbe: Body Horror

Some horrors are all too real, and we’re powerless to stop them.

Being bested by a one-celled organism can really put a person in his or her place.

In this episode I talk about REAL body horror, specifically the horror of outbreaks of illness.

Epidemics.  Pandemics.  They’ve been the topic of good and bad horror alike.  I’m fascinated by the microscopic world, and that these tiny creatures outnumber me, you, all of us. Continue reading “Episode 022- Never Underestimate the Power of the Microbe: Body Horror”