Territorial Terrors -002- Answer! “The Car”

Here’s the answer to last week’s contest: It Happened in Utah!

The Movie: The Car (1977)!

And it seems I need to come up with another idea for a contest. I received zero responses, so the people have spoken by not speaking!

I’ll come up with something more fun…

The answers to clues are below.

Citizens of a small town in Utah are being stalked and killed by a fast-moving killer who hides in the canyons and hills.

  • Locations:

  • Snow Canyon, Utah
  • Red Rock Canyon State Park
  • Zion National Park
  • Type of Horror:

  • Supernatural.
  • Movie Tagline:

  • Is it a phantom? Is it a Demon? Or is it the Devil Himself?
  • Clues:

  • The lead actor also starred in Capricorn One and The Amityville Horror
  • ANSWER: James Brolin
  • Kid actor elites Kim and Kyle Richards also star 

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