Territorial Terrors Contest 001- Oregon!

This Week: Oregon Welcomes You!

The “SPLAT” marks the spot for our inaugural Territorial Terrors Contest!

Here are the clues- name the movie! No Googling!

  1. Location: Silver Falls State Park, Oregon
  2. Type of Horror: Non-Supernatural (Human vs. Human)
  3. Tidbit: Campers are stalked by a crazed Backwoods Psycho. Beware swimming holes.
  4. Tidbit: This  movie stars the son of a famous movie actor. 
  5. Tidbit: One of the actors in this film was an Oscar winner (but not for this film!)
  6. Although uncredited, a machete has a lead role.

Here’s what you do if you know the title:

  1. email the title to me on Facebook PM (don’t write it in the comments!)   OR….
  2. email your answer to scott@hellbentforhorror.com   OR…..
  3. PM me on Twitter @hellbenthorror 

Those that get the right answer will get a shout out on Hellbent for Horror podcasts or the YouTube channel video diaries!

Show me how hellbent you are!


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