New Contest: Territorial Terrors!

Teritorrial Terrors- us-color-map-with-state-names-hi

We know horrible things can happen anywhere…and have!

Welcome to a new contest on H4H!

Every Thursday, I’ll post a geographical location where a horror movie was set and/or shot.

And I want you to name the movie!

  1. The locations I will pick can be in either the United States or Europe.
  2. I’ll  tell you the horror type: either supernatural or not supernatural.
  3. And I’ll give you a hint with a movie tidbit. It can be about the cast, the production, or the source material.

Here’s what you do if you know the title:

  1. email the title to me on Facebook PM (don’t write it in the comments!)   OR….
  2. email your answer to   OR…..
  3. PM me on Twitter @hellbenthorror 

Those that get the right answer will get a shout out on Hellbent for Horror podcasts or the YouTube channel video diaries!

Show me how hellbent you are!




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