Episode 011- Satan Laughing Spreads His Wings: More Horror in Music

Continuing with the horror and music theme, I’m focusing this episode on Heavy Metal music. 

This hugely popular music bears the brunt of accusations of satanic imagery and messages.  Few actual crimes were influenced by heavy metal, but it became associated with satanic rituals and murders due to a “satanic panic” that gripped the nation in the 1980’s.

Did the furor over the music by a “moral majority” actually fuel crimes associated with it?

I also talk about my own relationship with Metal, and how it empowered me, led to great friendships, and endless arguments with my family.

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  1. LOVING this, man. Such a great podcast. So cool to hear your story about falling in love with Sabbath — I still think that first album cover is the creepiest album cover of all time (forget all those death metal bands with their illegible logs and scenes of gore . . . THIS is scary). I grew up in a Southern Baptist household. I remember one of the first cassettes I ever bought when I first got into metal was Megadeth’s SO FAR…SO GOOD…SO WHAT! I listened to “In My Darkest Hour” over and over, and I can vividly remember my mom claiming that a dark cloud came over the house when I played that “evil music.” Oh, the memories . . . .

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