Month: July 2016

Episode 011- Satan Laughing Spreads His Wings: More Horror in Music

Continuing with the horror and music theme, I’m focusing this episode on Heavy Metal music. 

This hugely popular music bears the brunt of accusations of satanic imagery and messages.  Few actual crimes were influenced by heavy metal, but it became associated with satanic rituals and murders due to a “satanic panic” that gripped the nation in the 1980’s.

Did the furor over the music by a “moral majority” actually fuel crimes associated with it? Continue reading “Episode 011- Satan Laughing Spreads His Wings: More Horror in Music”

Show Notes for Episode 010

Music can be scary, even terrifying.  Certain combinations of notes induce nervousness and unease in the listener.  Musicians have known about these intervals for centuries.  They can induce tension, character, and depth into a song, and have been used in music throughout the world since before music theory was even a thing.  In modern music these intervals are the roots of jazz, blues, and rock and roll.  In the medieval European Christian church, however, religious leaders branded these intervals satanic – making them even more unsettling.  Continue reading “Show Notes for Episode 010”