Episode 004.3: Interviews from the Abyss- with Dave Kosanke

“I put in what I love. If someone else likes it, fine. No expectations.”-Dave Kosanke

This episode is a companion piece to Episode 4, “Blood Oaths and Bar Tabs: Horror Conventions and Cinema Wasteland.”

In this episode we interview Dave Kosanke, the creator of the long-running and legendary underground fanzine “Liquid Cheese.” It is an exhaustive love letter to everything from horror to heavy metal to XXX films.

Since 1993, Dave has been a one-man Army. Liquid Cheese is a true fanzine in every sense of the word. Dave puts the whole thing together himself, and he has done that for 23 years, outliving most other fanzines and one or two professional magazines. The words “labor of love” were made for Dave Kosanke and “Liquid Cheese”.

Now, an Interview from the Abyss with Dave Kosanke!

Liquid Cheese Fanzine: http://liquidcheesefanzine.storenvy.com/

Liquid Cheese Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Liquid-Cheese-Fanzine-160299044088480/?fref=ts

“Liquid Cheese” Artwork by Putrid Matt Carr

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