Episode 004.2: Interviews from the Abyss- with Bryan Martinez

“Horror is a beautiful art form.” -Bryan Martinez

This episode is a companion piece to Episode 4, “Blood Oaths and Bar Tabs: Horror Conventions and Cinema Wasteland”

In this episode we interview Bryan Martinez, who is the creator and producer of the popular webcast, “The Giallo Room” (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLXTTivU_q3vlbPbABloKbA)

He’s also the creator of FilmDeviant.com (http://www.filmdeviant.com/), as well as writer/director of “Gelato Giallo.”

Bryan is also a card-carrying member of “the Algonquin Round Table of Horror.”

We also get a special introduction by Baron Martino, the star of The Giallo Room.

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