Show Notes for Episode 004: Blood Oaths and Bar Tabs: Horror Conventions and Cinema Wasteland


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It’s the quest of every ultra-fan: finding fellow obsessives to share in the collective joy.

Fan conventions provide a meeting place and an outlet for like-minded folk.  What’s it like to really find your tribe?

In this episode I talk about horror conventions, my pilgrimage to the “Anti-Convention” known as “Cinema Wasteland” and meeting a group of fellow obsessives I call “the Algonquin Round Table of Horror.”

Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo– Holiday Inn, Strongsville, Ohio (shows every April and October).  Created by Ken Kish and Pam Kish

History of Fan Conventions

1936- Philcon: First “Fan Convention”. Science Fiction Convention, held in Philadelphia. There were 9 attendees.

1975 World Fantasy Convention: first Convention where there’s a strong presence of horror under the Fantasy umbrella.

1991- World Horror Convention – the first true Horror Convention.

Movies Discussed (In order of appearance)

Alien (1979) Dir: Ridley Scott

Friday the 13th (1980) Dir: Sean Cunningham

Creepers (Phenomena)-(1985) Dir: Dario Argento

Saw (2004) Die: James Wan

Halloween (1978) Dir: John Carpenter

Paranormal Activity (2009) Dir: Oren Peli

Killdozer! (1974) Dir: Jerry London

Gargoyles (1972) Dir: Bill Norton

Satan’s Triangle (1975) Dir: Sutton Roley

Street Trash (1987) Dir: James M. Muro

Whiskey Mountain (1977) Dir: William Grefe

Mako: The Jaws of Death (1976) Dir: William Grefe

Stanley (1972) Dir: William Grefe

Kill the Scream Queen (2004) Dir: Bill Zebub

The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made (2008) Dir: Bill Zebub

Dickshark (2015) Dir: Bill Zebub

Demons (1985) Dir: Lamberto Bava


The Algonquin Round Table of Horror

Jon Kitley

Kitley’s Krypt

Horrorhound Magazine


Bryan Martinez

Film Deviant

The Giallo Room (YouTube)


Matt “Putrid” CarrFreelance Illustrator


Ryan Olson

Deadspeak Design

The Cold Beyond 


Billy and Vanessa Nocera

Evilspeak Magazine



Damien Glonek

Living Dead Dolls


Bryan Schuessler



Gregg Olheiser and Jill Van Voorst

LIX (genre-based designer clothing)


Dave Kosanke

Liquid Cheese



Photographer Jim Sorfleet and model Kat McGill of SnS-Photo

Mike Watt and Amy Lynn Best- Happy Cloud Productions

Fred Vogel- Toe Tag Pictures (August Underground)

Bill Zebub- Bill Zebub Productions

Jane Arakawa– Actor “Street Trash”

Mike Lackey– Actor “Street Trash”

Roy Frumkes-Producer/Actor “Street Trash”

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