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Show Notes for Episode 003: Religious (and Sacrilegious) Experiences

Here are notes from the show for those of you who want to “dig in deep”…

Sharing the movie experience with a theater full of people can be exhilarating or frightening—sometimes both.  You put yourself in the hands of the filmmaker to take that ride, not knowing where or how it’s going to end.

In rare cases a movie can provide an audience with an ecstatic, transcendent experience, almost religious in its power that leaves you walking on air afterward and running back to grasp that experience again.

Sometimes the audience isn’t ready for that story or style and the shared experience with the audience is much darker and marked with disapproval…and sometimes outright hatred.  It’s as if the film has committed sacrilege against your expectations for it.

When that happens in a horror film is it the fault of the film or filmmaker, or the audience not prepared for the “horrible-beautiful” imagery and storytelling that challenges the comfort zone?

Movies and Other Things Discussed

In 1895, the Lumiere Brothers showed their film “Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station”.

Blackboard Jungle

The Exorcist

The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease discuss “The Exorcist.”


1970’s, the Golden Age of Hollywood Cinema


“Jaws” poster

Hersker Theater

John Carpenter’s The Thing

Examining the critical reaction to “John Carpenter’s The Thing” by Ryan Lambie

Episode 001, First Kiss, Fan Recommendations

Friday the 13th Part 6

Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone (“It’s a Good Life” with Billy Mumy)

Nightmare on Elm Street

Fright Night

Death’s Other Dominion” from Space 1999

A Cauldron of Witches

Anne Rice

The Wolfman

Makeup from “The Wolfman”

Famous Monsters of Filmland comic book issue 54

The Crestwood House Monster Series

Alfred Hitchcock’s Spellbinders in Suspense

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