Episode 002.5: “Addendum of Doom: The Folk Horror Edition”

kill list 02

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We aren’t out of the woods yet…

This is a companion piece to Episode Two, “If You Aren’t Afraid in The Woods, You Haven’t Gone Deep Enough”, which delved into the world of Folk Horror.

Here we’ll discuss movies and books I’d loved to have talked about in the episode, but they just didn’t fit into “the story” completely, or there just wasn’t enough time.

However, the campfire still has some embers left, and there’s a little time before dawn. Just enough time for a few more stories.

Enter The Addendum of Doom!

iTunes linkhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-002.5-addendum-doom/id1090978706?i=1000365335298&mt=2

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